Welcome to Words May Move Custom Copywriting and Editing. If you ended up on this page, you probably need a professional writer or editor to help you accomplish a project, marketing campaign, social media campaign, or create website content that generates new clients. You are in luck. That’s what I do.

Writing and Copywriting

I have always loved to write. I don’t understand people who don’t, but what I have realized is that most people don’t like to write, do not have the time, or they’re not good at it and embarrass themselves with grammatical mine fields or disorganized content. I worked for so many people in corporate America that had no business composing professional materials because they lacked the attention to detail necessary to make great writing.

I believe that even if you are working on content for a website in order to get rankings with Google and drive new clients to pick up the telephone to call you, that the content should have a compelling and authentic voice. I can give you that voice. Whether you want something that is straight to the point, or content that is conversational and engaging, I customize your content to reflect you.

I will interview you to find out your personal preferences, personality, goals, and what sets you apart from your competition so I can turn that valuable information into content that is fun to read and sounds like a human wrote it.

Your content does not have to be boring.

Proofreading and Editing

Do you have something already written and need to run it through a grammar and content check? I can proofread and edit your materials so that it flows smoothly, follows grammar rules, and makes sense to your clients.

Writing Coach

I am a certified life coach and very much a people person. I believe this makes me better at my job. I use my coaching skills to communicate with my clients in such a way that helps bring out valuable information, ultimately making your content a reflection of the core values of your business.

If you want to improve your own writing and you need a coach to help you fine tune your skills and stay accountable, I am the writing coach for you. Not only will we set goals, but I will also help you break down your project into a realistic timeline that keeps you moving forward at a reasonable pace.

Call Me.

If you have questions, just set up a consultation. It’s free and we can see if we are a good fit.

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