About Kristine

I started writing when I was eight years old, weaving stories, writing poetry, even learning calligraphy so it all looked polished and gorgeous. My appetite for books bordered on obsessive and I often opted to read or write instead of completing my math and history homework. In fact, I often opted to read and write instead of sleeping and often found myself napping my way through the other subjects.Kristine Semantel

I graduated with a BA in Creative Writing in 1995 and detoured into the business world for a number of years. In 2004, I started to work for a company that allowed me to use my writing skills on a daily basis. It was not exactly the romantic life of a writer that I imagined, but I found a niche in writing medical and dental websites, marketing materials, brochures, and articles on health and wellness. Since I have my own wellness coaching business, as well, I never run out of writing projects.

Recently, I found myself in the writing world full time and am blissfully content surrounded by words, books, and my beloved mountains. I am currently battling through late drafts of my hybrid, new adult novel: a story of one woman’s struggle to survive her own independence. It contains elements of historical fiction with a twist of horror and erotica set in a fictional ghost town in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

I live in Wheat Ridge, Colorado with the love of my life, Ralph, and my Jack Russell Terrier, Nyla. I enjoy long hikes, quality time with dear friends, finding joy in all good things and finding meaning in the rest.

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